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Year: 2021

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Year: 2020

  • Jayaneththi, J. P. H. U. et al. "Microbially Improved Phosphorus Fertilizer for Rice Cultivation". IJRIES 7.6 (2020): 86-94. [More]
  • Siddiqui, Dr. ASM Helal, Sk. Md. Mehedi Hasan and Dr. Md. Masudur Rahman. "Influence of Spacing on Growth of Dhundul (Xylocarpus granatum) in the Sundarbans of Bangladesh". IJRIES 7.6 (2020): 76-85. [More]
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  • Lemma, Amante and Tilahun Abera. "Nutrient Quality Assessment of Vermicompost Prepared From Different Raw Materials at Lume District of East Shewa Zone, Oromia, Ethiopia". IJRIES 7.4 (2020): 50-58. [More]
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  • Moges, Miniebel Fentahun and Tesfaw Melkamu Adugna. "Response of Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) to Supplementary Irrigation in Rain Fed Agriculture at Assosa District, Benishangul Gumuz Regional State, Ethiopia". IJRIES 7.3 (2020): 31-38. [More]
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  • Nigussie, Amare and Tadesse Hunduma Banja. "Estimating and Mapping Soil Loss Rates using RUSLE Model for Soil Conservation Planning in Katar Watershed Central, Ethiopia". IJRIES 7.1 (2020): 1-19. [More]

Year: 2019

  • Xu, Ke et al. "Discussion on Problems and Countermeasures of Management of Siberian Tiger and Leopard National Park". IJRIES 6.6 (2019): 120-124. [More]
  • Buke, Taye. "Effects of Planting Depth on Seed Germination of Lettuce (Lactua Sativa)". IJRIES 6.6 (2019): 112-119. [More]
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  • Atnafu, Damtew, Getachew Mekonnen and Adem Mohammed. "Effect of Integrated Weed Management Practices on, Yield and Yield Components of Bread Wheat (Triticum aestivum L. Var) at Siya Debirina Wayu district Deneba North Shewa, Central Ethiopia". IJRIES 6.5 (2019): 48-62. [More]
  • Bahru, Daniel Keskse. "Review on: Response of Legume Crops to Rhizobium Inoculation and Inorganic Fertilizers (N, P, K and S) Application in Ethiopia". IJRIES 6.4 (2019): 37-47. [More]
  • Dinkecha, Kebede. "Effects of Soil Acidity on Plant Nutrient Availability and Lime Requirement in Welmera Woreda, Oromia Region, Ethiopia". IJRIES 6.4 (2019): 29-36. [More]
  • Nguyen, Xuan Linh et al. "Research on Optimal Cemetery Location Selection using Approach of Fuzzy Set Theory and Analytic Hierarchy Process in Environment of Geographic Information System: a Case Study in Hung Ha District, Thai Binh province, Vietnam". IJRIES 6.3 (2019): 20-28. [More]
  • Hailu, Birhane, Lemma Wogi and Solomon Tamiru. "Assessment of Soils of Waterlogged Areas in Relation to Salinity and Sodicity in Irrigated Low Land Soils of Raya Valley, Northern Ethiopia". IJRIES 6.2 (2019): 11-19. [More]
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