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Year: 2017

  • Ameti, Naser et al. "Quality of Agricultural Products a Factor for Reinvestments in Farms". IJRIES 4.3 (2017): 48-51. [More]
  • Poursamad, Reza and Hossein Tabatabaei. "Reservoir Quality Evaluation of Sarvak Formation in Gachsaran Oil Field, SW of Iran". IJRIES 4.3 (2017): 43-47. [More]
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  • Alege and Tope Shade. "Structural Interpretation of 3D Seismic Data of Akos Field in the Coastal Swamp Depobelt of the Niger Delta". IJRIES 4.2 (2017): 21-26. [More]
  • Sawan, Zakaria M. "Climatic Factors and Cotton Production How Can Climatic Factors Affect Cotton Production: Different Statistical Methods Studying Their Effects". IJRIES 4.1 (2017): 1-20. [More]

Year: 2016

  • Hadis, Molla. "Evaluation of Yaramila (23-10-5 N-P2O5- S) Fertilizer on Teff Grown at Vertisols of Northwestern Tigray". IJRIES 3.6 (2016): 115-118. [More]
  • Zope, A. V., O. S. Rakhonde and G. K. Awadhiya. "Efficacy of Different Bioagents on Incidence of Chickpea Wilt Complex Under Glass House Condition". IJRIES 3.6 (2016): 119-120. [More]
  • Nesgea, S. "Studies on Nitrogen and Phosphorus Application Rates to Rain-Fed NERICA-3-Rice in Gambella, Ethiopia: II. Effects on Soil NPK Status and Tissue Nutrient Concentration". IJRIES 3.6 (2016): 104-114. [More]
  • Gejea, Kefyalew Assefa, Tilahun Firomsa Erenso and Tadesse Hunduma Banja. "Verification and Demonstration Pc and Pf Determined Through Soil Test Based Crop Response Study for P on Bread Wheat at Lume Area of Oromia Region, Ethiopia". IJRIES 3.6 (2016): 101-103. [More]
  • Muktar, BeniamYaziz and TesfayeTefera Yigezu. "Determination of Optimal Irrigation Scheduling for Maize (zea mays) at Teppi, Southwest of Ethiopia". IJRIES 3.5 (2016): 97-100. [More]
  • Sabina, Maraffi et al. "SoilQuest: an IBSE Approach with Computer Class Role Playing Game". IJRIES 3.5 (2016): 88-91. [More]
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  • Assefa, Kefyalew, Kibebew Kibret and Tilahun Firomsa. "Problem Factors’ Characterization and Classification of Water Logging Site of Likime area, North Showa Zone of Oromia Region, Ethiopia". IJRIES 3.5 (2016): 74-81. [More]
  • Fikadu, Tekuamech et al. "Effect of Different Storage Facilities on Ripening and Postharvest Quality of Banana (Musa app)". IJRIES 3.4 (2016): 65-73. [More]
  • Gunarathna, M. H. J. P., K. G. S. Nirmanee and M. K. N. Kumari. "Are Geostatistical Interpolation Methods Better than Deterministic Interpolation Methods in Mapping Salinity of Groundwater?". IJRIES 3.3 (2016): 59-64. [More]
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  • Abbas, Manzar et al. "Salicylic acid in Amelioration of Salt Tolerance in Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) under in vitro Conditions". IJRIES 3.2 (2016): 44-49. [More]
  • Hidosa, Denbela, Tekleyohannes Brehanu and Mesifin Mengistu. "On Farm Evaluation and Demonstration of Improved Legumeforage Speciesin Irrigated Lowlands of Bena-Tsemay Woreda, SouthOmo Zone". IJRIES 3.2 (2016): 39-43. [More]
  • Zerga, Belay and Abreham Berta. "Preference, Purpose, and Pattern of Eucalyptus tree Farming in Eza Wereda, Ethiopia". IJRIES 3.2 (2016): 30-38. [More]
  • Buke, Taye, Bizuayehu Tesfaye and Demelash Kefale. "Studies on Conventional Vegetative Propagation of Enset (Ensete Ventricosum (Welw.) Cheesman)". IJRIES 3.2 (2016): 23-29. [More]
  • Melkamu, Samrawit. "Study on the Prevalence of Equine Strongly in and Around Mersa Town of South Wollo Zone, Amhara Regional State, Ethiopia". IJRIES 3.1 (2016): 21-28. [More]
  • Adizua, O. F., J. O. Ebeniro and C. N. Ehirim. "Comparative Study of Radial Trace Transform and the Frequency – Wave number Techniques for Suppressing Dispersive Ground Roll Energy from Onshore Seismic Data (Amplitude Spectrum Approach)". IJRIES 3.1 (2016): 11-14. [More]
  • Asrat, Mulat. "Prevalence and Economic Significance of Cystic Hydatidosis: Bovine at Kombolcha Elfora Industrial Abattoir, North Wollo, Ethiopia". IJRIES 3.1 (2016): 7-10. [More]
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