Integrated Nitrogen Management Influence Yield and Fertility of Plum Orchards

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Integrated, Plum, Nitrogen, FYM, PM
Haroon; Farmanullah Khan; Syed Azam Shah; Wisal Mohammad; Iftikhar Ahmad; Amjad Ali
Plum is important fruit orchard of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in Pakistan. Nitrogen deficiency is the major yield limiting factor in this orchards.The main objective of these experiments to study the combination of organic and inorganic nitrogen to improve plum yield. Experiments were conducted to study the “effect of integrated nitrogen management on two plum orchards at Lala village and NIFA in district Peshawar”. There were six treatments as T1 (control), T2 (100% Mineral N (urea)), T3 (75% Min N +25% FYM), T4 (50% Min N +25% FYM+25%PM), T5 (25% Min N+50% FYM+25%PM), T6 (25% Min N +25% FYM+25%PM+25% legumes residues), were applied to the periphery of tree canopy. Half N fertilizer along with P and K as basal doses was applied after fruit picking in the month of August 2009 and half N was applied before flowering in February 2010. Soil and leaves were collected from four replications a mid August 2010 after picking of plum fruits. The results of soil samples showed that the texture of the soil was silt loam. Organic and inorganic fertilizer doses showed no significant effect on soil pH and EC of both orchards. Soil organic matter content was improved by the addition of organic and inorganic fertilizer. Highest organic matter content was observed in the treatment receiving (25% Mineral N+50% FYM+25%PM) of both area. Soil total nitrogen and AB-DTPA extractable P and K showed significant effect with the addition of organic and inorganic fertilizers. The maximum values were observed in treatments receiving (50% Mineral N +25% FYM+25%PM) and (25% Mineral N+50% FYM+25%PM) in NIFA and Lala village respectively. The treatments i.e. (25% Mineral N+50% FYM+25%PM) showed significant effect on NPK concentrations in plum leaves both in NIFA and Lala village. The effect of (25% Mineral N+50% FYM+25%PM) was greater than all other treatments and control. All the treatments showed significant results compared with control. The lowest concentrations of soil total N, AB-DTPA extractable P, K and NPK concentrations of leaves were observed mainly in control. The highest fruits yield were observed in the treatments receiving (50% mineral N urea+25% FYM+25%PM) and (75% mineral N (urea) +25% FYM) in NIFA and Lala village respectively. It is concluded from research that the addition of organic and inorganic fertilizer significantly improved the yield and quality of plum fruits. The experiment showed that the application of combine organic and inorganic fertilizer had produced good results.